Call for Papers

The conference theme will focus on exploring the complex relationships between art, technology, and comparative literature. Artificial intelligence (AI) has entered a new epoch with the advent of ChatGPT3 and ChatGPT4. In this era, artificial systems are progressively achieving greater autonomy, the degree of automation is escalating, and nearly every aspect of society is undergoing profound transformations. LEMs (large-scale language models) are transforming the manner in which we compose text. Complex machine learning algorithms facilitate novel data interpretation methodologies, thereby introducing a paradigm shift in the scientific elucidation of both natural phenomena and human behavior. As artificial intelligence advances, there are new epistemological, moral, and social shifts concerning humans, which are reflected in comparative literature. We would appreciate the chance to investigate and evaluate potential avenues for future research.

Presentation Proposal Due: Sunday, April 21
Presentation Manuscript Submission Due: Sunday, May 12