Members of The Korea Association of East-West Comparative Literature receive the following benefits :

  1. 1. The Journal of East-West Comparative Literature (JEWCL) is published four times a year by the Korea Association of East-West Comparative Literature (KEASTWEST).
  2. 2. March and September issues are published in English only, and June and December issues are published in both English and Korean.
  3. 3. Four issues of The JEWCL.
  4. 4. The opportunity to present a paper at the annual conferences.
  5. 5. The opportunity to publish an article at JEWCL.
  6. 6. Access to the Homepage Archives and E-Journal


KEASTWEST has two membership categories: Regular membership and Graduate membership.
New members need to fill out an online membership card. Please note that membership will not initiate without payment.

  1. 1. Regular Membership for the KEASTWEST is open to persons who teach comparative literature and related subjects at universities and colleges. They are responsible for meeting the requirements in accordance with the KEASTWEST Statues and Amendments. They have to submit the applications and should get approvals from the Standing Executive Committee of The KEASTWEST. Applications will be accepted all the year round.
  2. 2. Graduate students are also eligible for Graduate membership for free.


Membership of KEASTWEST runs for the calendar year. Membership fees need to be sent to the following account upon joining and every year after that (depending on the type of membership).

Annual Fee

General: 30,000 KW(Korean Won)
Graduate: Free
Library/Group: 50,000 KW
*Overseas member is required to pay extra 10,000 Won(10 USD) due to the overseas postage charge.

Account Holder: 한국동서비교문학학회
우리 1005-104-256372 (예금주: 한국동서비교문학학회)
Woori Bank

  Graduate Students Regular Membership Library/Group
Annual Free 30,000 KW(Korean Won) 50,000 KW

If you want to join the KEASTWEST, please send us the inquiry to:

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